MOC1 Command for Education - Virtual Gate

The Premier Touchless Solution!

Virtual Gate is highly accurate platform powered by artificial intelligence. It works with existing devices and readily available hardware to identify outside threats. Schools can stay focused and better analyze potential threats such as expelled students, and those who pose a threat from within and outside the school.

Touchless Capabilities:

  • Touchless Entry

  • Touchless Payments

  • Student / Staff Check-In / Check-Out

  • Touchless ID Badge Integration

  • Parent ID, Verification and Registration

  • Employee Monitoring

  • Secure Area Entry Control / Common Area Monitoring

  • Emergency SMS and Email notification with location notification

  • Threat Detection and notifications

  • Building System Integration

Student ID & Screening:

  • Reduce entry friction with “Face Check-In”

  • ID VIPs for special greeting

  • ”Face-Pay” at cafeteria or merchandise stands

  • Locate lost loved ones

  • Deliver Parent messages


  • Staff Attendance

  • Report Time at facility

  • Manage Vendor visits

  • Visitor Spend

  • Real-Time Dashboards

  • Forecasting and more

  • Traffic Flow / Fan Analytics

  • Real-Time Heat Maps

  • Decision Support

  • Event Archive

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