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Challenges faced by healthcare professionals

Accurate patient identification in hospitals has always been a subject of discussion and has recently gained momentum due to the urgency of rapid digitization of the healthcare industry. Hospitals have increased their interoperability, which has increased the possibility of patient data-matching errors and mismatching. This can really jeopardize a patient’s safety and inflate healthcare cost artificially.

Facial recognition is slowly gaining momentum in healthcare, partially due to improvements in artificial intelligence, which has made it possible to use the technology in different ways. AI-powered face recognition systems in the market have allowed healthcare professionals to consider using the technology in several ways that go beyond security purposes. Below is a highlight of potential uses of the technology in healthcare.

Securing hospital facilities

One of the most popular applications of face recognition is for security. Healthcare personnel can use this technology to detect and identify individuals by scanning anyone entering the hospital. They can then compare each person to a list of flagged individuals. The technology can also be used in hospitals to identify individuals who might be drug seekers or individuals previously ejected whom the hospital no longer allows to access the facility.

Emotion detection and sentiment analysis

Real-time emotion detection is yet another valuable application of face recognition in healthcare. It can be used to detect several emotions patients exhibit during their stay in the facility and analyze the data so as to determine how they are feeling. The results of the analysis may help identify where the patients need more attention in case they’re in pain or sad.

Patient fraud

Face recognition can help hospitals deal with individuals posing as patients in order to access treatments and other medication.

Hospital traffic pattern analysis

Hospitals can also use face recognition technology to detect patterns that entail overall statistics around visitors and patients based on gender and age. This system can help the facility track patients without using physical tracking devices. This can come in handy to locate patients within a nursing home or in outpatient assisted living facilities.

Face recognition has been proven efficient for security among other uses. It’s now slowly gaining momentum in healthcare facilities to track patients and keep their records safe without mismatching. Biometric facial recognition is very useful when it comes to visitors’ authentication, which can help secure the facility and prevent patient fraud.

Virtual Gate is highly accurate video platform powered by artificial intelligence. It works with existing devices and readily available hardware to identify outside threats. Hospitals and healthcare organizations can stay focused and better analyze potential threats such as those who pose a threat from within and outside the hospital or, healthcare organization.

Touchless Capabilities:

  • Touchless Entry

  • Touchless Payments

  • Patient / Staff Check-In / Check-Out

  • Touchless ID Badge Integration

  • Patient ID, Verification and Registration

  • Employee Monitoring

  • Secure Area Entry Control / Common Area Monitoring

  • Emergency SMS and Email notification with location notification

  • Threat Detection and notifications

  • Building System Integration

Patient ID & Screening:

  • Reduce entry friction with “Face Registration”

  • ID VIPs for special greeting

  • ”Face-Pay” at concession or merchandise stands

  • Locate lost loved ones

  • Deliver Patient messages

  • Earn loyalty rewards as you traverse the facilities


  • Staff Attendance

  • Patient Demographics

  • Report Time at facility

  • Manage Vendor visits

  • Customer Spend

  • Real-Time Dashboards

  • Forecasting and more

  • Traffic Flow / Fan Analytics

  • Real-Time Heat Maps

  • Decision Support

  • Event Archive

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