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The premier facial recognition platform for live video

SAFR is a highly accurate, AI facial recognition platform that is optimized for excellence in accuracy and performance for live video. SAFR is architected to economically scale with high performance and rapid processing to instantly detect and match millions of faces in near real time, even under challenging conditions where faces are in motion, at different angles, under poor lighting conditions, or partially obscured. SAFR can be deployed on a single computer to monitor a handful of IP cameras, or scaled to thousands of cameras in a distributed architecture – hosted on premises or hybrid cloud.




Greater Visibility. Greater Confidence.

Today’s heads of security for hospitals, stadiums, corporate campuses, airports, and more must maintain high awareness over large areas through a potentially overwhelming number of security cameras. It’s seemingly impossible to have eyes on every camera every minute, and it’s easy to lose focus when priority one is keeping people, facilities, and assets secure.

Enhanced School Security

SAFR from RealNetworks is highly accurate facial recognition software powered by artificial intelligence. It works with existing IP cameras and readily available hardware to match faces in real-time. Schools can stay focused and better analyze potential threats such as expelled students, and those who pose a threat from within and outside the school.

Integrated Intelligence

SAFR is the global market leader in highly effective facial recognition for public safety organizations. The SAFR platform is designed to be scalable, fast and accurate while maintaining the highest levels of security and privacy.

SAFR is proven to work well in crowded spaces, making it an ideal surveillance and access control platform for government facilities, transportation stations and public areas. SAFR achieves highly accurate matches at long range and in challenging environments.

Recognition in Real-World conditions

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