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May 6, 2024, Bethesda MD. NOW Available - Artificial Intelligence - Disruptive or Destructive?

Unlock the Secrets of AI in Business with "Artificial Intelligence - Disruptive or Destructive? A Comprehensive Guide to Navigating the New Normal" by Nicholas "Nick" Kalargyros, President of MOC1 Solutions.

Dive into the transformative world of artificial intelligence and discover how it's reshaping the future of business in "AI Revolution: Mastering Disruptive Technologies in Business." Written by industry veteran Nicholas "Nick" Kalargyros, this book provides an in-depth exploration of AI's impact on industry norms, operational efficiencies, and strategic planning.

Whether you're a business leader aiming to stay ahead of the curve, a policymaker navigating the complexities of technology integration, or a technology enthusiast eager to understand the latest trends, "AI Revolution" offers valuable insights and practical strategies to harness the full potential of AI while addressing its challenges.

What You'll Find Inside:

  • Detailed analyses of AI's role in driving business growth and innovation.

  • Strategic frameworks for successfully integrating AI into your business operations.

  • Exploration of the ethical and economic implications of AI across various sectors.


Special Offer: For a limited time, get your copy of "AI Revolution" at a special discount! Click the QR Code or the image to the left now and start your journey into mastering AI in the business world.

Order now and transform your approach to disruptive technologies!

September 2023, Washington Business Journal. AI could one day take your job according to some D.C.-area tech experts and ChatGPT. Read what leading experts have to say about AI and its impact on the workforce. Click here to read what MOC1 Solutions President has to say.


July 2023, General Services Administration (GSA) GSA Renews Contract with MOC1 Solutions for SMART Physical Access Control Solutions. The General Services Administration (GSA) is pleased to announce the successful exercise of its option to renew the Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contract with MOC1 Solutions under contract number 47QSWA18D006W. The renewal has been confirmed for the period commencing August 1, 2023, and extending until July 31, 2028.

June 2023, TV Interview with MOC1 Solutions President. Unveiling the Future of Workforce Development: Exclusive Interview with MOC1 Solutions President on the Power of AI Watch 30-minute TV Interview. Click the link below to watch the interview:

March 2023, United States Airforce LCMC Plant 42 located at Palmdale California previews MOC1 Command for implementation at the Airforce Plant March 22-23, 2023.

January 2023 - The Center for Disease Control (CDC) previews MOC1 Command. Discussions were held to evaluate MOC1 Command's AI Video Analytics and outside threat and perimeter detection capabilities for possible implementation nationwide.

December 2022 - Australia-US Navy Workshop. Bridging Global Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) Services. A big thanks to the Naval Air Systems Command for inviting MOC1 Solutions to participate in the Australia - US Navy Industry Workshop to help identify solutions for bridging global maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services in support of the United States and International Partners. December 6-8, 2022.


September 2022 - US Airforce Awards Contract to MOC1 Solutions to provide access and access control in areas requiring high levels of security. The 190 Air Refueling Wing of the Air National Guard units are used under the jurisdiction of the state governor. By order of the President of the United States, Air National Guard units become an active part of the United States Air Force. They are jointly administered by the states and the National Guard Bureau, a joint bureau of the Army and Air Force that oversees the United States National Guard.


August 2022 - US Navy Awards a Contract to MOC1 Solutions for Intrusion Detection Solutions

The United States Navy awards MOC1 Solution a contract to install intrusion detection solutions at the US Naval base in Norfolk Virginia. The Department of the Navy Environmental and Preventive Unit provides specialized public health expertise to Combat Commanders worldwide. This solution will protect and enable the readiness of their operational teams, as well as better coordinate deployments and mission requests with the many fleet units that request their services.

June 2020 - MOC1 Solutions Revolutionizes Hospital Security, Care and Human Resources published by Benzinga. To read the article click here.

May 2020 - MOC1 Solutions in discussions with Jahani Associates for expansion capital

MOC1 Solutions is in discussions with a private equity investment group located in New York City Jahani Associates for a round of funding to expand operations in north Africa and the Middle East (GCC countries).

February 2020 - MOC1 Solutions meets with Fairfax County Schools Virginia's largest system

Fairfax, VA. MOC1 Solutions discusses the possible use of MOC1 Command to provide Outside Threat detection services to help protect the 300 school facilities from outside threats. Discussions are on-hold due to COVID-19 but, to resume following the COVID resolution.

January 2020 - Johns Hopkins University Medical Center Selects MOC1 Solutions

Baltimore, MD. Johns Hopkins University Medical Center selects MOC1 Solutions to test Outside Threat detection services to help protect their facilities from persons known to be a threat. The implementation will provide services in four buildings in and around the Orleans St location in Baltimore MD.

January 2020 - MOC1 Solutions meets with Nassau County Schools

Seaford, NY. MOC1 Solutions meets with Levittown and Bellmore School District Security Directors to discuss the possibility of using MOC1 Command to provide Outside Threat detection services to help protect their facilities from persons known to be a threat. 

November 2019 - MOC1 Solutions moves into larger facilities

MOC1 Solutions moved its headquarters from Washington DC to Bethesda Maryland. The move provides a larger, more modern office space. Effective November 1, 2019, our address has changed to:


MOC1 Solutions 6701 Democracy Blvd Suite 300 Bethesda, MD 20817 (202)905-2334

November 2019 - Interview with MOC1 Solutions CEO

MOC1 Solutions Helps Organizations To Maximize Use Of New Technologies To Power Their Business. To read the article click here.

June 2019 - MOC1 Solutions discuss MOC1 Command with Anaheim Angels Baseball Club

MOC1 Solutions presented the MOC1 Command solution to the Anaheim Angels Baseball Club for threat detection use at Angels stadium. 

May 2019 - MOC1 Solutions discuss MOC1 Command with Washington Nationals Baseball Club

MOC1 Solutions presented the MOC1 Command solution to the Washington Nationals Baseball Club for threat detection use at Nationals stadium. 


March 2019 - New Computer Vision Solution Available

RealNetworks, a Seattle Washington based company, inventor of streaming video and now the leader in Facial Recognition and MOC1 Solutions a division of Mobile Office Communications Inc. have formed a strategic partnership to offer Safr Facial Recognition solution to the public and private sectors. MOC1 Solutions intend to market the technology as either a standalone product or, integrated with their AstraTAC and MOC1 Command solutions to provide companies with an affordable AI based security capability along with integrated real-time facial recognition using virtually any existing digital IP camera. For more information click here.

December 2018 - MOC1 Solutions meets with DOT Procurement Chief 

MOC1 Solutions meet with the US Department of Transportation Chief to discuss the AstraTAC Command solution for possible use in facilities supported by 13 Agencies within the US DOT.  

November 2018 - MOC1 Solutions meets with ICE to discuss the AstraTAC Command 

MOC1 Solutions meet with Immigration Customs and Enforcement (ICE) to discuss the AstraTAC Command solution for possible use in their investigative division. 

October 2018 - MOC1 Solutions announces availability of MOC1 Command

MOC1 Solutions announces the availability of MOC1 Command - Next Generation Biometric Security solution for commercial and governmental use. MOC1 Command has been listed on the US Governments GSA Schedule for purchase by Federal, State and Local Government Agencies.


July 2018 - MOC1 Solutions receives GSA Contract Award

MOC1 Solutions receives 5-year contract award from the General Services Administration (GSA). The contract allows MOC1 Solutions to list their products and services on the US Governments GSA Schedule providing the US Government the ability to buy MOC1 Solutions products and services directly off the GSA Schedule without having to go through a bidding process. For more information go to Contract 47QSWA18D006W

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