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SMART Security 

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MOC1 Solutions offers an innovative order page for enhancing your existing On-Premises Video Surveillance Systems by integrating SMART technology. This technology can operate in the cloud or on your own computer without the need for expensive additional hardware. It enables a direct camera-to-cloud connection and allows you to manage camera access, configuration, video storage, alerts, and other features online or locally. This open-platform solution is compatible with a wide range of premium cameras and supports unlimited locations, users, and cameras under a single account. It provides powerful and user-friendly web and mobile apps for both Android and iOS devices.

The benefits of this solution include the ability to monitor and identify individuals entering your business premises before they enter, detect outside threats approaching your business, and achieve a remarkable 99.8% accuracy in identifying individuals from video recordings. Additionally, the system can automatically unlock doors based on camera input, and it provides insights into who is entering or exiting your business, among other features.

This solution is suitable for businesses of any size and is approved for purchase by the US Government, listed on the US Government's purchasing catalog, the GSA Schedule.


Solution Overview:

  • Add SMART technology to your existing On-Premises Video Surveillance Systems (e.g. NVR, DVR).

  • Can run in the cloud or, on your own pc. No additional expensive hardware required.

  • Direct connection from camera to cloud.

  • Camera access, configuration, video storage, alerts and other features are managed through the online or locally.

  • Open Platform – works with a large number of Premium Cameras.

  • Unlimited locations, users and cameras can be supported inside one account

  • Powerful, easy-to-use Web and Mobile Apps (Android, iOS).



  • See who is coming into your business before they enter the business. 

  • Identify outside threats before as they approach your business.

  • Identify person from video recordings with 99.8% accuracy.

  • Automatically unlock doors by looking into your existing cameras.

  • Know who is walking in or, out of your business and much more.

Perfect solution for any business any size.

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