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Virtual Gate is the global market leader in providing Stadium next generation security capabilities worldwide.  Virtual Gate is proven to work well in crowded spaces, making it an ideal secure access control platform for stadiums, arenas and other medium to large venues.


Stadiums around the world are using our solution for a variety of purposes, ranging from making facilities more secure to improving fan experiences. Here are five fascinating ways that sports teams are using facial recognition today.


Stadiums around the world are using Virtual Gate to keep track of fans who have been arrested, ejected and banned. Sports teams are using Virtual Gate to instantly alert security professionals whenever individuals who are on a blacklist try to enter a stadium.  


Virtual Gate doesn’t just tell security who shouldn’t be attending events, it can also help ensure that authorized individuals gain access to events. The 2020 Olympic Games in Japan has announced that they will be using facial recognition to help speed up security screenings for over 300,000 athletes and staff that are expected to attend. Virtual Gate can help radically speed up the identity authentication process.


U.S. based professional sports teams have already started using Virtual Gate to ensure that unauthorized personnel stay out of training facilities and locker rooms.  It has been used to protect the locker room at Madison Square Garden. This is to help keep players safe and ensure their privacy. Facial recognition systems can also be configured to alert security professionals in real time if a known stalker tries to get into the locker room. 


Virtual Gate isn’t just for security. Stadiums and arenas can use computer vision to not only count how many people attend games, but gain insight into fan demographics. According to this NBC report, “the algorithms can quickly give overall demographics for everybody at the stadium.” As an example, face

recognition can be used to estimate the age of fans. So if, by using a facial recognition platform, a baseball organization determines that the crowd skews younger during Friday night games, they could ensure that advertisements properly target the younger demographic. The best part is that this data can be fully anonymized to offer teams valuable information while protecting fans’ privacy. 

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